• August 7, 2018

Full guide to Sponsy sponsorship platform

We are proud to announce that the new version of our sponsorship platform is now released and available online. Every business from all over the world, be it a small local event or a huge international brand, is free to sign up, list his/her business and start collaborating.

Below is a full guide for businesses on how to start working with Sponsy.


Sign up


Enter your legal personal name, email, and a password — a pretty standard set of data. Choose the type of your business: sponsor or sponsee. Sponsors are businesses that aim to sponsor events and other businesses all over the world and thus raise awareness about their products and services, while sponsees are businesses that aim to raise sponsorship funding. This choice is important, as it won’t be possible to change this in the future.




Having signed up, you are presented with a dashboard. The dashboard shows you the information about your business if you have listed one, and the key indicators of the entire platform, including the number of registered sponsors, sponsees, and assets. The screen prompts you to list your business and become a fully-fledged member of the platform.


Listing your business


In order for you to become discoverable by other users and businesses, you need to specify basic information about your business. Depending on whether you are a sponsee or a sponsor, a different set of fields will come up. In our case, the user is a sponsee, and he is supposed to enter the title of the company, its brief quote and upload a logo. Furthermore, other users would expect to be able to take a holistic view of the business at the first glance, so it is essential to specify a short description of the business, its sponsorship approach, and experience, as well as to indicate the industries that one would be comfortable to work with.


Listing sponsorship assets


Due to the nature of our platform, it is mandatory for each business-sponsee to list her sponsorship assets. Sponsorship Asset represents a single object, which can be both physical and virtual and which can feature the ads or other materials promoting a sponsor’s brand. In a present MVP implementation, it’s sufficient for the user to enter only title, picture and minimum price of the asset, but that definitely will not be the case in the full version of Sponsy platform. The user can list as many as five different assets, which will become visible on his personal sponsee’s page.


You are all set


Now that you have listed your sponsorship assets (which is only required if you are a sponsee) and listed your business details, you become a complete participant of the ecosystem. Other users can browse your profile, examine you statistics and interact with you. Let’s have a closer look at the metrics available on the profile page:

  1. Rating. Shows the degree to which your previous partners enjoyed working with you. The rating shall consist of several sub-ratings, all of which will be verifiable and stored on blockchain. The full rating functionality will be implemented on the future releases.
  2. The number of sponsorship assets. Shows the total number of your sponsorship assets. Only visible if you are a sponsee.
  3. Financials. Displays the graph of the amount of sponsorship financing received by this business over the course of last 12 months. Putting a mouse cursor over a particular part of the graph should show you the data (amount received) and how it compares with the previous period (percentage change).
  4. My Sponsorship Assets. Shows you the list of sponsorship assets you have listed. You can edit or remove each asset.
  5. Return on Investment. An essential indicator that many sponsorship campaigns are missing nowadays. It provides a unique view of how well this sponsee performs in terms of ROI delivered to his previous sponsors. In the future versions of Sponsy platform, users will be able to see a few versions of ROI graphs, including the ROI delivered over the 1 year period, 6 months period, all the whole life period. It should be noted though, that ROI delivered to other sponsors is largely dependent on the type of their product, the integrity of their sponsorship campaign, the cohesion of their values.

Browse sponsors and sponsees from all over the world


Discover the businesses from all over the world in a few clicks. Instantly see their industry, rating and sponsorship spending.


Examine the sponsor of your choice


Study the details. When you are ready to collaborate, press the Propose Partnership button.


Manage your sponsorship arrangements


Propose partnerships to as many businesses as you wish. You will be able to communicate with them immediately after they approve the willingness to cooperate with you.


Craft an exceptional sponsorship experience

After the partner of your choice approves the request for communication, you will be able to chat with him and negotiate the perfect sponsorship experience.