• August 3, 2018

Sponsy in 230 words

Sponsy is a decentralized platform that connects brands and events wishing to conduct sponsorship deals.

Despite the fact that the industry of sponsorship is the fastest growing and most effective marketing segment, it’s biased towards AAA-sized brands and events (like FIFA, Coca-Cola). Mid-sized businesses are limited in the extent to which they can conduct sponsorship campaigns. They are required to seek sponsors or sponsees manually.

We propose a Net Sponsorship Asset (NSA) as a unit that sponsors are willing to pay for in sponsorship business. This unit is backed by the attention of the audience/clients of sponsee. We enable sponsees to issue their own Sponsy-backed tokens, assign them to sponsorship assets, and subsequently sell the assets to sponsors. This reduces the time and efforts required to conduct a sponsorship deal and allows sponsee to receive sponsorship funding from multiple sponsors simultaneously.

While traditional sponsorship agencies spend long months carrying out sponsorship deals, our automated approach will allow sponsees to issue their tokens in a matter of minutes and start selling them to sponsors available on our platform.

All the sponsorship-related information, including previous deals, other sponsors’ reviews, intellectual property rights and licenses, is stored on Ethereum blockchain, thus enabling potential sponsors to track the history of each sponsorship asset.

Sponsy intends to cater to the untapped market of SME sponsorships by imposing no restrictions on companies that are willing to join Sponsy.