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If you build it, they will sponsor it

Sponsy is a platform that makes use of today’s revolutionary technology, including blockchain, to disrupt the way brands and events do sponsorships. Thanks to decentralization of decision-making and automation of operational processes, we not only reduce costs, but also make sponsorships available to every business.

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Min contribution : USD 50k

Regular sale price: 1 SPONS = $0.122

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Sponsy Intro
Sponsy App
Interview - Procter & Gamble
Interview - 42Workspace

Sponsy Introduction Story

Watch this brief story to understand ins and outs of the sponsorship business and see how Sponsy tackles the issues faced by sponsors and sponsees all over the world.

Sponsorship just got easier with Sponsy App

See how our iOS mobile app works

Interview with Eimear Cronin from Procter & Gamble

Eimear Cronin - a marketing manager at Procter & Gamble - elaborates on the way Sponsy operates and explains why Sponsy is poised to transform the sponsorships market.

Interview with Birgit Vene from 42Workspace

Birgit Vene - a strategy manager at 42Workspace in Rotterdam - discusses the key problems of today's sponsorships market and shares her opinion about solutions that Sponsy provides.

Token sale

SPONS 474.000.000
SPONS 237.000.000

* The Sponsy token sale will only be considered to be successful if the soft cap of $2M (USD) (in crypto equivalent) is collected from selling tokens. If the token sale does not reach the soft cap, all pre-sale and public sale purchase amounts shall be returned to the token sale participants within thirty business days, minus of any blockchain transaction fees and any funds that may have already been allocated by the Sponsy as per the use of proceeds.

** Any unsold tokens after each stage shall roll over to the next stage. Any excess tokens will be burned after the token sale.

*** Total number of SPONS tokens in circulation will be twice as many as total number of SPONS sold during pre-sale and public sale. Since we might end up not selling all of the initially planned 237.000.000 SPONS, the total number of SPONS tokens in circulation may be substantially less than specified.

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Our White Paper contains full and detailed information about the project, the sponsorship industry in general, and the way our solution is going to tackle current problems.
Market Research
Market Research discusses the key problems of today's sponsorship market. Be sure to study it to gain a wider outlook of the market.
Terms & Conditions
Please take your time to read the Terms & Conditions carefully as they cover multiple details regarding timelines, plans and forecasts.

Tokens Distribution

  • Token sale: 50%
  • Compensation fund: 18%
  • Team*: 15%
  • Disputes fund: 7%
  • Sustainability fund: 5%
  • Exchange fund: 3%
  • Advisors**: 2%

Use of Proceeds

  • Team & Management: USD 6,470,000
  • General Business Costs: USD 4,209,000
  • Sales & Marketing: USD 2,115,000
  • Experts Involvement: USD 1,731,000

* Team tokens will have a vesting period of 9 months and a holding period of 3 months following the completion of the token sale

** Advisor tokens will have a holding period of 3 months.

Our Partners

Market Overview

The average fee

The average fee charged by a sponsorship agency nowadays can reach an astonishing 35% of the funding amount.

Market size is growing

Sponsorship is the fastest growing marketing segment in terms of annual investment, with a market size of more than $60Bn as of today. It’s expected to exceed $90Bn by year 2019. Sponsorship is a great way for companies to generate revenue and acquire new customers. Instead of traditional marketing channels, which bombard people with multiple intrusive marketing messages on a daily basis, sponsorship creates a quality dialogue between a brand and its potential customers.

High demand

The sponsorships industry is one of the most ancient ways of marketing. However, this fact does not prevent it from enjoying huge popularity today and attracting billions of sponsors’ dollars.

  • $53,1bn
  • $55,3bn
  • $57,5bn
  • $60,1bn
  • $62,8bn

Sponsorships take various shapes

Sponsorships are not only limited to sports. Sponsorships include musical festivals, fairs, non-for-profit events, presentations, exhibitions, tradeshows and many more exciting things.

What’s wrong with sponsorships?

Despite the fact that sponsorship is the most widely recognized way of marketing, today’s market is heavily biased towards AAA-sized companies and events, such as McDonalds, FIFA and NASCAR. The industry is dealing with enormous bureaucracy, insane fees, slow decision making, and non-transparent contracts.

More importantly, small and medium-sized businesses, willing to enter into a sponsorship deal, are deprived of modern tools and techniques. They are forced to make their own way through endless hurdles and eventually agree on disadvantageous terms.

Boras Corporation
Wasserman Media Group
Relativity Sports
CAA (Creative Artists Agency)

Highly centralized industry

The sphere of sponsorships today is a highly centralized industry. The market is monopolized and hopelessly concentrated in the hands of several widely known top-end brokers, such as CAA (Creative Artists Agency), Boras Corporation, Relativity Sports and Wasserman Media Group. This poses a threat to the integrity of the market and leads to a number of problems, among which are difficulties for small companies that are wishing to enter into sponsorship deals to collaborate with agencies, because of their inability to provide sufficient financial return. Moreover, crazy fees charged by brokers makes it difficult for sponsors with small budgets to carry out a sponsorship deal.

  • Imagine...

    that you are a musical fair organizer. You need money to finance a whole variety of things, such as catering, equipment rental, employees' salary, etc. These are the problems you are going to face as soon as you start.

  • Terrible bureocracy

    Even today, in the 21st century, unless you are a Formula-1 sized event, the only way to find a sponsor is a manual search for the right people. You will have to contact an awful lot of companies, trying to find managers who make financial decisions and convince them to sponsor you.
    They will most likely refuse to cooperate.

  • Sponsorship agencies wouldn’t like to work with you

    Big agencies prefer to work with large and well-known companies. They do not consider smaller venues like yours. You will have to work alone, which is certainly not as productive as working with professionals.

  • Choosing a sponsor that would be a match for you

    With so many different brands around us today, it's easy to make a mistake when choosing the right partner. The purpose of sponsorship is to achieve greater recognition of the sponsor's brand. If your audience is not interested in the brand being advertised, the sponsor will not get the expected return on investment, and you will be asked to give the money back.

  • Sponsors also face big problems

    The conclusion of deals only appears to be easy. There is a huge amount of pitfalls one must be aware of before getting into the sponsorships market. Your partner will definitely take advantage of your ignorance to subject you to unfavorable terms. Even such large companies as MasterCard, FIFA, Nestle and Olympus, which manage entire departments of lawyers, had to deal with multimillion-dollar litigations.

We want to make sponsorship available to everyone

Now it does not matter if you have a huge budget. We don’t care about your turnover. You can be a well-advertised company or a small family-held business. We provide our users with a solution that they can rely on to negotiate deals and discover new sponsorship opportunities. Simply join our network and start looking for partners. Thanks to the maximum automation of sponsorship-related processes, we charge much smaller fees, compared to the market average, while giving customers what they have been demanding for so long - better quality.

our commission
average commission

Convenient online interface where the work happens

Tedious manual searches for investments are gone. All sponsorship related tasks could be solved on our platform. We provide our clients with all the necessary functions to get things done quickly and efficiently, such as tools required for communication, ability to track the work progress, and instantly see the results of ongoing sponsorship campaigns.

Decentralizing decision-making

We are going to transfer decision-making on future sponsorships to those people who will ultimately witness the results of sponsorship campaigns – the end consumers. This, as we believe, is our biggest advantage, as a decentralized agency, over a typically centralized one. Involving people, not connected with the sponsorship industry to vote on the appropriateness of a potential transaction, allows departure from traditional decision-making and factors used by boring marketers, and starts generating really exciting ideas.

  • Abandoning full-time workforce

    Traditional brokers conduct sponsorship deals using their limited circle of employees. This does not allow them to reliably estimate the advantages and disadvantages of a potential sponsorship deal. We are not going to hire hundreds of full-time employees, such as designers, lawyers, etc., because that will constrain our collective intelligence to the people we have hired.

  • Distributed network of experts

    In Sponsy, we will allow experts, distributed across the world, to participate in the implementation of each transaction. This would eliminate errors and speed up the process. By introducing a proof-of-work-quality concept, we ensure trust and verifiability of the work executed by our experts.

  • Unprecedented discount

    The experts’ services marketplace, present in Sponsy, resembles a typical freelance exchange. As you know, exchanges impose a large markup on prices charged by freelancers, usually about 20%. As we do not plan to profit from the services rendered by experts within our network, we do not charge experts any fees. This effectively results in prices 20-25% lower than the market average. By charging such low prices for high quality services, we expect to receive heightened attention from companies interested in sponsorships.


Sponsy technology

  • 01
    Internet Of Things (IoT)
    We actively employ the Internet of Things by providing a multifunctional API for developers to connect from any smart device. Data from connected devices, such as video surveillance cameras, microphones, automatic visitor counters, flocks to the control panel and will be available for examination by sponsors after making a couple of clicks. This is especially useful when sponsors want to track performance of a sponsored event.
  • 02
    Work with experts
    Safe transactions and disputes resolution
    Thanks to storing all the interactions of Sponsy members in the immutable ledger, it becomes very easy to track the sequence of actions and find the guilty party.
    Conclusion of legal contracts
    Decision-making on future sponsorship deals
    Our tokenholders vote on whether to bring another sponsorship deal to life.
    Storage of reviews
  • 03
    Artificial Intelligence
    We are developing several AI technologies, which make sponsorships collaboration even more automated.
    Allows for the automatic collection of all the data in the Internet that concerns a certain brand or company. This is especially useful when looking for a new partnership. IntelliNews relies broadly on Google News and Google Alert.
    A technology that allows us to find companies that are extremely likely to be successful in cooperation.
How Sponsy works
These events are willing to get sponsored.
  • Non-for-profit
  • Trade show
  • Music Fair
  • Art gallery
  • Apply to Sponsy

    We will support 99% of countries worldwide. No more tiring long trips even when dealing with distant partners.

    Approximately 5 minutes

  • Provide required information

    Unlike centralized sponsorship agencies, we do not discriminate companies willing to participate in sponsorship activities. However, there is a mechanism called proof-of-client-eligibility, which is used to examine each company willing to join our network on financial, public and other kind of issues.

  • Information Analysis

    Collected information must be analyzed for the presence of questionable details and misleading information.


    Facts and figures instantly shed light on the real state of the business.

    Public Image

    Particular attention is paid to the intensity of brand’s or event’s coverage in press.

    Previous Deals

    It helps to prevent conflicts of interest and, as a consequence, litigations.


Matching brands with events

Extensive research must be carried out to conclude a sponsorship deal that would be equally beneficial for both sponsoring and sponsored party. We rely on several techniques to achieve great affinity between brands and events, including automatic filtering of inappropriate candidates, manual analysis done by our experts, and voting exercised by our token holders.

The patented artificial intelligence system, that is currently being developed by us, allows us to instantly drop up to 85% of brands and events that are very likely not to be able to collaborate productively if a sponsorship was to be negotiated.
Sponsorship experts make their educated decision
Dozens of independent experts, highly proficient in concluding sponsorship deals, will carefully examine potential contracts and express their educated opinion.
Token holders vote on appropriateness of a deal
One of our biggest advantages lies in the ability of thousands of independent consumers - our tokenholders - to express opinions on the upcoming sponsorship deal. These people might not be experienced in sponsorships, but they represent the target audience, whose positive impression is so desperately desired by brands and events. The analysis of these end-consumers’ votes allows us to look at the sponsorship transaction through the eyes of the end-consumer and make the correct decision.

Distributed network of experts start working

Once the decision is made, it’s time for our decentralized network of experts to start their sponsorship-related work. Highly skilled professionals can be discovered and hired right within Sponsy network. Moreover, our users will benefit from receiving experts’ services at a price up to 25% lower than the market average.

Discount of up to 25%.

  • Catering
  • PR experts
  • Creative
  • Lawyers
Typical workflow
  • 1
    A Sponsy’s member publishes a piece of work.
  • 2
    An expert tackles the task.
  • 3
    Work is done.
  • 4
    According to the proof-of-work-quality algorithm, other independent experts now must assess the finished work.
  • 5
    Work is approved.
  • 6
    Client leaves a review about the expert who was in charge of doing his task. The review is securely and immutably stored in a blockchain and will help other Sponsy clients choose an expert.

Sponsored event is in progress...

All the data related to an ongoing event automatically flocks to the Sponsy online interface, where sponsors and other concerned parties can analyze it.

  • Internet
    of things
  • Cameras
  • Audio
  • Other smart
  • Sponsy platform
  • Sponsors

65% of tokens are burnt

We burn 65% of net profit we make after each sponsorship transaction

Introducing: The SPONS token

SPONS is an ERC20 compatible token. SPONS token is implemented as a combination of a token-as-currency, a token-as-discount, and a token-as-membership. SPONS token is utility token and is not a security.

Serving as an inner currency

In order to stimulate the usage of SPONS tokens, all platform’s members are incentivised to use SPONS tokens for mutual financial settlements. Lawyers, designers, and other experts, and people involved in an independent evaluation of the benefits of potential deals, will be paid in SPONS tokens.

Carrying a voting right

Possession of SPONS tokens will allow voting about potential future sponsorship deals. Larger amount of tokens entails greater voting power. The owners of our tokens will be motivated to exercise their voting capability, as the votes that convert into real signed sponsorship deals may bring the voters some reward, coming as a fee charged from a sponsorship sum.

Acting as discount

Relying on SPONS tokens to pay for the services rendered by experts within our network is the basis for obtaining a discount of 9-25% of the amounts charged by the expert.

65% of tokens are burnt

We burn 65% of net profit we make after each sponsorship transaction

Sponsorship on-the-go

As a part of our decentralized sponsorship solution, Sponsy releases a mobile app, which enables every Sponsy member – sponsors, sponsees and experts – to access the Sponsy blockchain and perform sponsorship-related tasks easily through an intuitive interface. Users are able to discover new partners, communicate with them, and spend SPONS tokens.



  • Eimear Cronin
    Marketing manager at Procter & Gamble
  • Erik Huizinga
    Owner of Vanstijl
  • Birgit Vene
    Strategy manager at 42Workspace
  • Can Oergen
    Investing specialist
Our goal is to create a whole world of sponsorships with Sponsy, which will eventually become the de facto and de jure standard for doing sponsorships.
The expertise of our team and advisors, who have repeatedly participated in sponsorship deals, constitutes our invaluable collection of skills with which the Sponsy platform is predisposed to succeed.
  • October 2016
    The idea for a decentralized sponsorship platform was conceived after a conversation with an industry expert
  • April 2017
    Development commenced. The concept was created. Main components of the platform were outlined. The team was assembled.We are self-funded.
  • August 2017
    User interface was designed. Mockup version of iOS mobile application was built. The project’s team chooses to hold a Token Sale in order to speed up development.
  • September 2017
    MVP, which consists of a Web App and an iOS Mobile App, is ready. Everybody can take a look at it.
  • January 2018
    Token Sale
  • February 2018
    Active PR campaign starts as soon as we finish fundraising.
  • March 2018
    The development of the backend component of our system is completed. Sponsy is starting a security audit and beta testing.
  • June 2018
    Sponsy platform officially launches. Sponsors and events that are willing to get sponsored can now use Sponsy to discover each other and negotiate contracts.
  • June 2018
    The first ever real crypto-based sponsorship is conducted through Sponsy.
  • September 2018
    Approximately 300 experts will have joined our platform by the end of 2018. We expect around 1500 clients to be serviced by this time. Sponsy continues to grow and gain bigger market share.
  • October 2018
    The first client from Fortune 100 list joins our platform.
  • November 2018
    The start of the Asia-Pacific expansion.


  • D.C. Noye
    VP of Software Development, Co-Founder
    D.C. Noye is an experienced VP of Software Engineering with a track record of building successful teams and delivering projects utilizing both agile and scrum methodologies. He is a strong engineering professional skilled in Machine Learning, Python, PostgreSQL ... More
  • Ivan Komar
    EMEA operations, BizDev, Co-Founder
    Ivan Komar is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for technology. Ivan has experience with developing and selling multiple mobile applications, including casual game and anonymous social network Amody. Ivan is responsible for... More
  • Dan Vail
    Chief Technical Officer
    Dan Vail is a highly experienced software expert, who have occupied leading positions in big corporations like Experian, Credit Suisse Bank, Acxiom and others. He has an ability to optimize every aspect of database performance, including hardware implementation... More
  • Lawrence Chua
    Chief Growth Officer
    Lawrence believes in startups. He is an early stage angel investor as well as business advisor to multiple startups that spanned across diverse industries such as Fintech, AI (Conversational and Finance related), Coal and Rock mining, Global Citizenry and Food Logistics ... More
  • Paroma Indilo
    Risk and Compliance Officer
    Paroma is a lawyer and has served as an early advisor and investor to several blockchain companies. She has experience of working with venture capital funds, established companies as well as start-ups. She is a believer of decentralisation and has experience of ... More
  • Chris Bouchard
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Chris Bouchard is a creative coach and sponsorship expert who helps artists and non-profits position themselves for success and realize their full potential. Chris is responsible for organizing Sponsy’s operational activity and long-term plans... More
  • Bob Cowe
    Head of Mobile
    Bob Cowe is a seasoned software developer with extensive experience across many disciplines. He is the technical driving force behind the team. He is a software analyst, designer, engineer, developer, and tester, and a graphic artist... More
  • Richard Rosenthal
    Senior Frontend Developer
    Richard’s focus is on the experiential and practical applications of technology. He brings a strong understanding of psychology and human perception to his projects, backed by over a decade of experience developing in over a dozen languages... More
  • Raymond Villa
    Marketing Manager. Web development manager
    Raymond is a strong leader who makes his team, peers and organization perform better. Raymond has great expertise in both sponsorship marketing and mobile development. He understands, practices and teaches the craft of leadership. More
  • Travis Yates
    Head of Machine Learning
    Travis has a major in Computer Vision and Machine learning. He has deep knowledge for good algorithms as well. Travis is proud of rich experience working on implementation of OpenCV and Machine Learning algorithms into various mobile/web tools. Travis is proficient ... More
  • Viktor Shevchuk
    Blockchain Developer
    Viktor fell in love with blockchain technology since when he got acquainted with it. Combined with a deep background in Security, Viktor’s skills ensure high proficiency of multiple smart contracts developed by him as a part of Sponsy’s decentralized sponsorships solutions. More
  • Juho Keski
    Senior Web Developer
    Juho is an experienced Web Developer. He has graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences. Juho has been coding since he turned 16 years old. He completed many projects in various programming languages, including Lua, Python... More
  • John Akwei
    Director of Data Science
    John Akwei has extensive qualifications in Data Science, Data Analysis, and Data Management. John founded ContextBase. Now John brings his passion for data to Sponsy, where he uses his skills to extract useful... More
Team Experience


  • Anson Yong
    Over 12 years of experience with various Fortune 1000 companies, Anson has vast analysis exposure in the capacity of Financial analysis, Pricing analysis and Operations Management. He optimized and transformed business processes ... More
  • Alexandre Yokoyama
    Business leader with solid experience in emerging markets (Latin America and Southeast Asia). Farmer by nature, hunter by dedication. Coach and mentor, people manager with leadership by example style. Strong ability to open new markets educating ... More

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