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Decentralized Sponsorship Platform

Sponsy is disrupting the sponsorship industry. It is a one-stop online solution for sponsors and sponsees to conduct sponsorship deals. By tokenizing sponsorship assets and decentralizing decision-making, we do not only reduce costs, but also provide sponsees with a wider choice of sponsorship opportunities and make sponsorships available to every business.

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Whitelisting is open. Secure your participation.

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USD 0.10

Min contribution : USD 50k

Regular sale price: 1 SPONS = $0.122

We accept:

Sponsy is currently conducting Private Sale. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

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About us

Sponsy Introduction Story

Watch this brief story to understand ins and outs of the sponsorship business and see how Sponsy tackles the issues faced by sponsors and sponsees all over the world.

Market Overview

The fastest growing marketing medium

Decreasing efficiency of measured media, shifting personal values and high consumer acceptance lead to sponsorship growth outpacing the growth of traditional marketing segments, including advertising.

Market size is growing

Sponsorship is the fastest growing marketing segment in terms of annual investment, with a market size of more than $60Bn as of today. It’s expected to exceed $90Bn by year 2019. Instead of traditional marketing channels, which bombard people with multiple intrusive marketing messages on a daily basis, sponsorship creates a quality dialogue between a brand and its potential customers.

SME want in

Small and mid-sized businesses are deprived of sponsorship opportunities.

USD 151Bn

Estimated SME sponsorship market size

  • $53,1bn
  • $55,3bn
  • $57,5bn
  • $60,1bn
  • $62,8bn

Sponsorships take various shapes

Sponsorships are not only limited to sports and may be required for musical festivals, fairs, non-for-profit events, presentations, exhibitions and trade-shows, amongst others.

The problems
Boras Corporation
Wasserman Media Group
Relativity Sports
CAA (Creative Artists Agency)

Highly centralized industry

The sponsorship market is highly centralized as it operates through a few top-end brokers, such as CAA (Creative Artists Agency), Boras Corporation, Relativity Sports and Wasserman Media Group. Large brokers and agencies are often unwilling to work with small and medium-sized companies and prefer to cooperate with large and well-known brands and events.

  • Inflated fees

    The average fee charged by a sponsorship agency can reach as high as 35% of the funding amount. Such high fees are unaffordable for small and medium sized companies.

  • Slow processing of deals

    The sponsorship industry is dealing with bureaucracy, slow decision-making processes, and non-transparent contracts. It can take as long as 12 months for a sponsorship deal to conclude.

  • Significant barriers to entry

    Despite being the most widely recognized way of marketing, sponsorships tend to be available only to the AAA-sized companies and events, such as McDonalds, FIFA and NASCAR, rather than small and medium sized companies.

  • Lack of information

    Sponsorship is a large industry, which despite of its wide popularity, has failed to undergo a digital transformation. Information regarding market prices and trends for sponsorship deals are not readily available - meaning that sponsors and sponsees often make deals based on incomplete information.

  • Market inefficiencies

    In the absence of a central source of information, sponsees often have to carry out a manual search for sponsorship deals, which is not cost-effective and is often time-consuming. Sponsors also have a limited choice when it comes to purchasing structured sponsorship opportunities, as the only deals they are exposed to are the ones introduced to them by their agents.


We enable sponsees to tokenize their sponsorship assets and sell them to sponsors by issuing custom SPONS-backed tokens. This presents sponsees with an ability to sell parts of their sponsorship assets to various sponsors, a capacity to raise sponsorship funding from their own customers, as well as secondary market opportunities.

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Sponsorship Process
  • 1
    Sponsor buys SPONS tokens and deposits them
  • 2
    Sponsee is selected; sponsorship deal begins
  • 3
    Sponsorship assets are purchased; experts are hired
  • 4
    Sponsorship campaign is underway
  • 5
    Funding is released from escrow to sponsee account
  • 6
    Sponsorship deal is completed
Why Sponsy?
First Mover Advantage
We are the first to combine innovative technologies of assets tokenization and artificial intelligence to redefine the sponsorship industry.
Solving a Real Problem
Tedious manual searches for sponsorships are gone. The Sponsy platform offers a convenient online interface for doing all the sponsorship-related work.
Working MVP
Sponsy goes beyond a vision and a roadmap. We have already developed our MVP and have a passionate team of developers continuously working to improve it.
Decentralizing decision-making
By acting as a decentralised agency, Sponsy allows sponsors and sponsees to judge the appropriateness of a potential sponsorship transaction, thereby transferring the decision-making powers to the end consumers.
Existing Partnerships
Sponsy has already secured MOUs with large brands such as Adidas, Bosch and 42Workspace. We are sseking to grow our network of sponsors and sponsees.
Growing market
Sponsorship is the fastest growing marketing segment in terms of annual investment, with a market size of more than $60 Billion USD. It is expected to exceed $90 Billion USD by 2019.
Transparency and reliability
All information regarding the sponsorship assets is stored on the blockchain. Any potential sponsor is free to examine each asset’s history, learn the price that was paid for it before, and make an independent decision based on real facts.
Lower Fees
By eliminating the middlemen, we can charge fees that are 6 times lower than those charged by traditional sponsorship agencies and brokers.
Global Reach
The Sponsy platform will support 99% of the countries worldwide, giving our sponsees and sponsors more options to choose from when it comes to securing a sponsorship deal.
Sponsy features
Sponsorship Tokenization
We introduce a new robust approach to doing sponsorships - sponsorship assets. Sponsorship assets can be either virtual or physical objects, such as banners, exhibitions, introductions, branded gifts. They can be tokenized by sponsees and sold to sponsors.
Sponsorship Ecosystem
Sponsy’s ecosystem connects sponsors, sponsees and experts. Experts are skilled geographically distributed professionals who take part in every sponsorship transaction. Proof-of-work-done mechanism ensures the quality of work performed by the experts.
Signature Tokens
Sponsy allows businesses to issue their own Signature Tokens and sell them to sponsors, partners and their customers. Signature Tokens creation also facilitates the development of secondary market for sponsorship assets.
Blockchain to the rescue
We utilize Ethereum blockchain to store all information about the sponsorship deals, signature tokens and the sponsorship assets, thus enabling potential sponsors to track the history of each sponsorship asset including its previous owners, reviews, and its past performance.

Sponsy technology

We have already built the core product. Our team consists of talented developers who are constantly working to develop the Sponsy App and the Sponsy Platform.
  • 01
    Internet Of Things (IoT)
    By incorporating IoT technology, Sponsy provides a multifunctional API to developers which they can use to connect smart devices. Data from these smart devices relating to each sponsorship asset, such as video surveillance, audio recordings, visitor counters, automatically flows to the Sponsy online interface and is made available for sponsors and other concerned parties to analyse. Having access to real-time data from sponsored properties will prove useful to sponsors when analyzing the performance of their investments.
  • 02
    Artificial Intelligence
    By using AI technology we are better able to automate the collaboration process crucial to completing a sponsorship deal.
    IntelliNews© allows for automatic collection of all data available on the Internet about any brand or company. This is useful when searching for a new partnership.
    Our artificial intelligence system allows us to instantly and effectively match sponsors with sponsees and also brands with events.
  • 03
    Blockchain technology
    Storage of relevant sponsorship information on the blockchain increases transparency and makes the process time-efficient and cost effective, thereby eliminating market inefficiency.
    Implementing blockchain ensures:
    • Tokenization opportunities
    • Safe transactions and disputes resolution
    • Conclusion of legal contracts
    • Storage of community reviews
Sponsorship on-the-go

As a part of our decentralized sponsorship solution, Sponsy has released a mobile app, which enables every user to access the Sponsy blockchain and carry out sponsorship-related tasks through an intuitive interface.

Watch our app in action

How Sponsy works
  • Apply to Sponsy

    Any business can apply to join Sponsy. We use an unbiased proof-of-client-eligibility mechanism (which includes reviewing financials, public image and previous deals) to determine whether an applicant meets our entry criteria.

  • Sponsees issue custom tokens

    Businesses interested in receiving sponsorship funding will use Sponsy to issue their own custom Signature Tokens. Signature Tokens will back their sponsorship assets. Sponsees are free to mint as many tokens as they see fit to sell to sponsors.

  • Sponsees list their Sponsorship Assets

    Sponsees will list their Sponsorship Assets and assign a finite price denominated in Signature Tokens to each of them. Each Sponsorship Asset will have a detailed description, location, attention score and other properties associated with it.

    Sponsors discover suitable assets

    Sponsors are able to search for sponsorship assets, focusing on their own requirements (geographic limitations and audience size).


Matching brands with events

We use numerous methods to ensure a greater affinity between brands and events, including automatic filtering of inappropriate candidates, manual analysis done by our experts, as well as community voting.

The SponsyMatch artificial intelligence system allows us to instantly drop up to 85% of brands and events that are very likely not to be able to collaborate productively if a sponsorship deal was to be negotiated.
Sponsorship experts make their educated decision
Independent experts will carefully examine potential contracts and express their educated opinion.
Token holders vote on appropriateness of a deal
Thousands of independent consumers - our token holders - will have the opportunity to give their view on any potential sponsorship deal. These consumers represent the target audience, whose positive impression is necessary for making a sponsorship deal successful.

Sponsors buy SPONS tokens from the market

Sponsors will need to buy SPONS tokens, and convert them into sponsees’ Signature Tokens in order to be able to purcahse any Sponsorship Asset.

Sponsors purchase sponsorship assets

Sponsors put their SPONS tokens into escrow. They will be released based on the progress of the sponsorship deal and requirements of sponsees.

Distributed network of experts starts working to finalize the deal

Skilled professionals can be discovered and hired right within Sponsy network. Moreover, our users will benefit from receiving experts’ services at a price up to 25% lower than the market average.

  • Catering
  • PR experts
  • Creative
  • Lawyers

Sponsored event is in progress...

All the data related to an ongoing event automatically flocks to the Sponsy online interface, where sponsors and other concerned parties can analyze it.

  • Internet
    of things
  • Cameras
  • Audio
  • Other smart
  • Sponsy platform
  • Sponsors
Why do we need a token?

Sponsy platform would not be complete without tokenization features. SPONS tokens are the backbone of each sponsorship asset and each Signature Token issued by sponsees.

Simplification of sponsorship procedures

By listing tokenized sponsorship assets on the Sponsy platform, sponsees can automatically offer them to thousands of potential sponsors. Moreover, there is no need to keep track of which sponsorship assets have already been booked by sponsors, and which have not.

Sourcing sponsorship capital from own customers

Sponsees are free to source sponsorship financing from their own clients, while offering certain rights, discounts and benefits in return. For example, a sponsee can sell its Signature Tokens to customers, granting them a 1-year free of charge access to a property or event.

Secondary market of sponsorship assets

Tokenising sponsorship assets will give rise to various sponsorship derivatives and secondary sponsorship products. Assets can be placed in tranches structured by a wide range of factors such as physical or virtual sponsorship assets, geographical location, sponsees genres and business type and sponsees’ audience size.

A chance to work with hundreds of sponsors simultaneously

Tokenizing sponsorship assets allows sponsees to sell their sponsorship assets to a number of sponsors at the same time. Any sponsor not interested in covering the whole funding need of a sponsee can consider buying a few sponsorship assets that best suit their target audience’s requirements.

Early Adopters

Our Partners

Hear from experts

  • Eimear Cronin
    Marketing manager at Procter & Gamble
  • Erik Huizinga
    Owner of Vanstijl
  • Birgit Vene
    Strategy manager at 42Workspace
  • Can Oergen
    Investing specialist


  • Ivan Komar
    Chief Executive Officer
    Ivan Komar is a successful entrepreneur with a passion for technology. Ivan has experience with developing and selling multiple mobile applications, including a casual game and an anonymous social network Amody.
    Ivan is responsible for Investor Relationships and Europe Expansion at Sponsy.
  • Dan Vail
    Chief Technology Officer
    Dan Vail is a highly experienced software expert, who have occupied leading positions in big corporations like Experian, Credit Suisse Bank, Acxiom and others. He has an ability to optimize every aspect of database performance, including hardware implementation, schema design, index optimization, physical hardware placement of SQL objects.
  • D.C. Noye
    Head of Software Development
    D.C. Noye is an experienced VP of Software Engineering with a track record of building successful teams and delivering projects utilizing both agile and scrum methodologies. He is a strong engineering professional skilled in Machine Learning, Python, PostgreSQL, and Web Applications.
  • Raymond Villa
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Raymond is a strong leader who makes his team, peers and organization perform better. Raymond has great expertise in both sponsorship marketing and mobile development. He understands, practices and teaches the craft of leadership. Marketing Leader with 20+ years experience understanding consumers' needs, he is able to develop products and services to meet those needs and create strategies to achieve company goals.
  • Lawrence Chua
    Head of Business Strategy and Growth
    Lawrence believes in startups. He is an early stage angel investor as well as business advisor to multiple startups that spanned across diverse industries such as Fintech, AI (Conversational and Finance related), Coal and Rock mining, Global Citizenry and Food Logistics. He helps startups go to market, scale, partner, improve their products and raise funds from the right sources.
    He is a Certified Blockchain Professional and believes that blockchain will change the world.
  • Travis Yates
    Head of Machine Learning
    Travis has a major in Computer Vision and Machine learning. He has deep knowledge for good algorithms as well. Travis is proud of rich experience working on implementation of OpenCV and Machine Learning algorithms into various mobile/web tools.
    While working at Microsoft, Travis learned a lot about OCR, Face Detection, Object Tracking, etc.
  • Viktor Shevchuk
    Blockchain Developer
    Viktor fell in love with blockchain technology since when he got acquainted with it. Combined with a deep background in Security, Viktor’s skills ensure high proficiency of multiple smart contracts developed by him as a part of Sponsy’s decentralized sponsorships solutions.
  • Anson Yong
    Head of Client and Investor Relationships
    Over 12 years of experience with various Fortune 1000 companies, Anson has vast analysis exposure in the capacity of Financial analysis, Pricing analysis and Operations Management. He optimized and transformed business processes in the constantly changing corporate world. He identified, analyzed and introduced new processes and technologies for business optimization.
  • Chris Bouchard
    Business Development Officer
    Chris Bouchard is a creative coach and a sponsorship expert who helps artists and non-profits position themselves for success and realize their full potential. Chris is responsible for organizing Sponsy’s operational activity and long-term plans.
  • Bob Cowe
    Mobile Technology Officer
    Bob Cowe is a seasoned software developer with extensive experience across many disciplines. He is the technical driving force behind the team. He is a software analyst, designer, engineer, developer, and tester, and a graphic artist. He converts ideas and aspirations into reality for individuals and corporations around the world.
  • John Akwei
    Data Science Expert
    John Akwei has extensive qualifications in Data Science, Data Analysis, and Data Management. John founded ContextBase. Now John brings his passion for data to Sponsy, where he uses his skills to extract useful insights from the arrays of info.
  • Juho Keski
    Senior Web Developer
    Juho is an experienced Web Developer. He has graduated from Turku University of Applied Sciences. Juho has been coding since he turned 16 years old. He completed many projects in various programming languages, including Lua, Python, C++ and Ruby.
    While working at Microsoft, Juho not only got an extensive software development expertise, but also found out more about Web Development and fell in love with it.
  • Richard Rosenthal
    Senior Frontend Developer
    Richard’s focus is on the experiential and practical applications of technology. He brings a strong understanding of psychology and human perception to his projects, backed by over a decade of experience developing in over a dozen languages across every discipline from websites to videogames to computer vision. The breadth of Richard’s experiences allows him to approach problems with an open mind and an adaptable attitude.
  • Philippe Labrie
    Marketing Manager
    Phil is an entrepreneur with a penchant for technology, culture, and philosophy and brings 12 years of digital marketing and business development experience to the Sponsy project. His career started in real estate and construction within the family business. But marketing and e-commerce beings his callings he joined Yannickweb.net to learn and later on co-founded the property portals ProprioFacile and DomieNova along with MuleChain, a logistics decentralised application.


  • Alexandre Yokoyama
    Business leader with solid experience in emerging markets (Latin America and Southeast Asia). Farmer by nature, hunter by dedication. Coach and mentor, people manager with leadership by example style. Strong ability to open new markets educating influencers and business partners, engage with C-level, generate leads and localize sales pitch driven by compelling reasons. Ability to match solution capabilities with customer priority needs.
    Key executive to help Google launch sales organization and penetrate the Brazilian market. More recently bringing best practices to Google Singapore helping new businesses sales team to increase productivity in terms of revenue per head in Southeast Asia. Currently building and leading a team of video geeks and engineers to re-invent on-line video industry, helping publishers and bridging audiences and brands.
    Areas of expertise: go-to-market strategy, business development, sales methodologies, mentoring, coaching, online media, technology sales.
  • Dmitry Pshenin
    Dmitry is a top-10 expert on ICOBench. He is a founder of ICOBoard platform for fundraising in both traditional and crypto ways. Dmitry has an extensive experience working at the Moscow Stock Exchange. Dmitry is assisting Sponsy in reaching out to potential token buyers and investors.
  • Dmitry Lyamenkov
    ICO marketing expert, 2+ years in preparing and launching ICOs, 2+ years in cryptocurrency trading. Collaborated with 8 successful ICOs such as ICOS, Aworker, Arcona, BCSHOP, etc.
Team Experience
Sponsy in the news


Another step of Sponsy's roadshow was in Hong Kong! Hundreds of people had a chance to communicate with the Sponsy team, including Ivan Komar and D.C. Noye.

Sponsy took part in the international blockchain conference held in Singapore and met with institutional investors.

Sponsy completed a successful roadshow segment in São Paulo, Brazil, where we spoke about our decentralised Sponsy Platform and how it will positively disrupt the sponsorship industry.

Upcoming events

21 September - Singapore
5 - 12 October - San Francisco
San Francisco Blockchain Week
10 October - Minsk
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference
23 - 25 October - Las Vegas
CoinAgenda Global

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